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Stacked Pipes


100mm PVC 1m Length
100mm PVC 3m Length
100mm PVC 6m Length
25mm Blueline Poly x 25m
25mm Blueline Poly x 50m
90mm PVC 1m Length
90mm PVC 3m Length
90mm PVC 6m Length
Ag Pipe 100mm x 20m No Sock
Ag Pipe 100mm x 20m Sock
Geo Fabric 1200mm per meter
Geo Fabric 1200mm x 50m Roll
Geo Fabric 2000mm per meter
Geo Fabric 2000mm x 50m Roll

Same day delivery if ordered before 1pm. 

$30 charge up to 10km, $40 from 10km to 15Km or double delivery

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