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Acelepryn GR 10kg Bag


ACELEPRYN Insecticide provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. It is now available in a convenient and flexible granule formulation. ACELEPRYN GR. The efficiency and longevity of performance means your turf spaces are protected for longer and because it is exempt from poison scheduling, PPE requirements for workers are reduced. This new no-spray option means ease of use and minimal disruption to the community. ACELEPRYN GR controls a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm.
Application rate: 1.5kg per 100sqm

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Fipronil 500g


Fast acting, non-repellent control of ants in turf, external surrounds of buildings and structures as per the Directions For Use.
Application Rate: 750g – 1.5Kg / 100sqm

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Surefire Fivestar 1L


A low odour formulation of bifenthrin to control insect pests such as Armyworm, Webworm, Argentine Stem Weevil, African Black Beetle, Billbug and Ants. Application Rate: 15mL – 60mL/100sqm

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Thumper 1L


Provides long residual control of Mites feeding on the leaf and effective control of destructive Soil Borne Nematodes.
Application Rate: 50mL/100sqm

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Tirem 200 SC 1L


For the Control of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug in Turf and a range of Insect Pests in Ornamental situations. Tirem 200 SC Insecticide is a quality formulation of 200 g/L Imidacloprid. Tirem 200 SC Insecticide is a broad spectrum, systemic insecticide which is highly effective at low use rates and delivers outstanding control of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug in Turf, as well as a variety of ornamental and tree pests. Its low use rates provide a high level of applicator and environmental safety. Features and Benefits, Proven performance, Broad spectrum control, Strong residual activity ,High level of safety to the applicator and the environment, Reliable, high quality aqueous concentrate formulation, Low use rates and Low to no odour