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Malice Duo Advanced Miticide is a dual miticide, containing the active ingredients abamectin, 18g/L and clofentezine, 187.5g/L. 


Malice Duo Advanced Miticide is a suspension concentrate formulation, providing benefits over EC abamectin formulations. 

Key Features of Malice Duo Advanced Miticide 

Effective knockdown and residual activity of mite populations. Controls feeding stages of mites, whilst also controlling the egg and early mite larval stages, providing more complete control of the population.

Provides residual control for up to 4-6 weeks.

Multiple modes of action used: Group 10A and Group 6. There are no limitations on number of treatments per season.

Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation, specifically developed for reduced odour in turfgrass situations.

No solvents within formulation, limiting cuticle impact on the plant.

Researched formulation. Malice Duo Advanced Miticide has been extensively researched and trialed in turf situations.

Useful product to be used in an integrated approach to mite management.

Proven turf safety. Tested on at least 15 turf species without causing any damage.

No prolonged re-entry period restrictions, providing ease of use in the urban environment.


Price includes card processing fee 

Indigo Malice Duo 1L

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